Personal Responsibility

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When you pass over to spirit, your whole life is analysed; everything you ever said and all you have done. You will also be shown how the things you said and did affected other people.

Symbolically, all your good, unselfish deeds that helped others, will give you a balloon to help you rise up and progress spiritually, but every selfish or thoughtless deed will give you a brick that will drag you down. Most deeds, good or bad, are easily identified as such, but others may not be so clear.

As your life on Earth is being analysed, you will feel yourself at times moving upwards, and at other periods of your life, going down. You will be shown scenes from your life, and you will be asked, “Why did you do that?” or “Why did you say that?” You will be required to explain yourself.

When you do, remember two very important words; PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You are responsible for all your actions. You can’t blame anyone else for what you do or say. When you are asked, “Why did you do this?” and you reply, “Because she told me to do it.” or, “He said it was the best thing to do.” you will feel yourself going further and further down. Each time you do not accept personal responsibility by trying to shift the blame onto someone else, you will receive bricks.

For example;

You have a neighbour, Anna; a young single mum with a three year old boy. She is chatting to you one day and tells you that she has the opportunity to go away on a two day course that could help her back to work, but she is unsure if it is possible to attend.

You say, “Right! You must go. I’ll look after the little one, so you have no excuse. You must go on this course.” This will give you nothing but bricks. It may puzzle you because you thought you were being helpful, but you have taken away Anna’s personal responsibility. You have decided what she should do. You should have said, “Have a think about it, and if you decide you want to go on the course, then if it would help, I don’t mind looking after your little boy, if you would like me to.”

There is a big difference. Anna decides what she wants to do, and you are offering to help if that is her choice.

There are times when you don’t have to give your opinion or advice. Here is another example;

The son of a friend (a strapping lad of eighteen) tells you that he is thinking about joining the army. “Oh no!” you say, “Don’t do that.” The young man reflects on your words and decides against joining. Years later, when you are in the spirit world, you see what your words were responsible for. Had he joined up, he would have had a long distinguished career and been happy, successful and responsible. However, because of your words he drifted from one dead end job to another before experimenting with drugs, turning to crime and making a disaster of his life. He did not even ask for your advice, but you gave it anyway and your words influenced his decision.

Words are very important. Know when to speak and when to stay silent. Being a good listener can be more important than feeling the need to talk. When out in company, do not speak just for the sake of something to say, and if you do speak, be careful with your words. Remember, people do not know what is in your head or what you mean to say. They only hear your words, so think about what you wish to say before you do so. If people say they don’t understand what you mean, and you reply with, “What I meant to say was..” then you should have made yourself clear in the first place.

If someone wanted my advice or opinion about a problem with their car or the wiring in their house, I would have to tell them I haven’t got a clue. Don’t even try to advise people about things you are not sure of. Do not be afraid to say those words which some people find so difficult, “I don’t know.”

When someone asks for your advice, you can either say, “I don’t know.” Or tell them, “Let me go away and think about it and get back to you.” Do not feel the need to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Teaching or giving advice is a huge responsibility. If you pass on the wrong advice it will only give you bricks.

There are many people drifting aimlessly in the cold, dark, grey pits of spirit. Those on the lowest of the lower spiritual planes, often do not understand where they went wrong, mostly because they thought they knew best or believed their opinion counted. They decided to teach people when they did not know the answers themselves. Better to stay silent than talk nonsense.


The Psychic’s Wife; Lifting the Veil

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My wife, Jane Drew, is writing a book about what life is like being married to a Psychic Medium.

For those awaiting its arrival, here is a taster of things to come.


Books about psychics, like fleas on dogs, are indisputably plentiful, but that does not mean it is easy to find one you would want to take home with you. The Mind-Body-Spirit section of any reputable book store is sure to have more than a few on its shelves, but have you ever stopped to think about what life is like for those who share their lives with a psychic medium? What do you imagine your life would be like if your spouse was in regular contact with dead people, and knew perhaps just a little more about your day than you were comfortable with? It is a little documented viewpoint, making this fly-on-the-wall insight is a real third-eye opener.

My husband, David Drew, is one of those mediums whose books you may have perused. As the wife of an internationally renowned medium and author, I have spent many a long hour making cappuccinos for, chatting to and answering the questions of, an eclectic selection of eager eyed personalities, all waiting to see my exhausted, caffeine fuelled other-half. This regular cacophony of (often very similar) questions, led me to realise that living with a psychic, while unremarkable to me, is a source of fascination to ‘normal’ people.


From, “Does he tell you your future?”, “Can he sense what you are thinking?” and “Does he see dead people all the time?”, to “Aren’t you scared?” and, “Are ghosts watching me when I’m on the toilet?”, over the years the questions have been playing on a loop.

My favourite question was, ‘Is he any good?’ It always made me smile. It put me in mind of that other famous inquiry to which there is no correct response, – ‘Hands up if you have stopped beating your wife!’ When I reply that he is the best medium living today, I am greeted with a smirking, “Ah, but you would say that,” leaving me to wonder what response they were expecting. I am often tempted to tell them he is crap, just to watch their faces, but I doubt people would have appreciated, or indeed deserve the sarcasm. I confess, my reply is often preceded by an inadvertent eye roll, which is probably more than a little unfair.

So here it is, the first-hand perspective on the life of a psychic medium, as viewed by his wife, who is happy to be almost as invisible as the spirits which surround him. You may have heard the saying, ‘love me, love my dog,’ – with David it has always been more of a, ‘love me, love my spooks’ situation.

Princess Diana once famously said, “There were three of us in this marriage”. I can tell you now without a flicker of fancy, there are a darn site more than three in ours!

1 in 10 ‘readers’ now prefer audiobooks!

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Statistics for January 2019 show that one in ten book lovers prefer audio books. With the easy accessibility of companies like Audible and itunes, we can enjoy a good read while we commute, do the ironing or mend the car.

Stairway to Heaven and The Other Side; A Psychic’s Story are both now available in audiobook format from Audible and itunes.



The Rise of the Spiritual Audio Book.

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Spiritual and Psychic books have always been considered by publishers as a ‘niche’ market. Shelf space is not always prime for this category, but the topic is growing in popularity and the times they are a changing!

At the recent 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair, they included for the first time, an audio book conference, with speakers declaring the audio book scene to be the only current growth sector in the consumer book business.

There are some great spiritual and spooky ‘reads’ in this format, and ‘The Other Side: A Psychic’s Story’ is now out there on audible and apple ibooks.

Follow the link to buy or for a free sample.
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