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It was in this bedroom one freezing November night that I saw what I took to be an angel.  Mum always left the landing light on and the bedroom door open just a crack so that it shone in, but I loved the dark. There is something of the spirit in the still, velvet blackness. Now that I didn’t have to share with my brother I was free to shut the door tight, lie back and just be me. I was beginning to relax, my icy feet thawing beneath the covers when a silent flash bathed the tiny room in a golden light. At the centre of the light, just in front of my wardrobe was a pretty young woman with blonde shoulder length hair and clothes that twinkled silver. I could look right at her without being dazzled. No wings. Maybe not an angel after all? (The ones on the Christmas cards always had wings). Her face was kind and she smiled at me for some time before she spoke.

“I’m your sister.” She paused then added, “Patricia”.

She was a sweet looking lady but she was obviously mistaken. I ventured to correct her.

“I am very sorry but I haven’t got a sister called Patricia. I have got two sisters called Helen and Annette and a brother. My name is David.”

Her knowing smile widened and suddenly the room was dark again.

The next morning I dawdled downstairs following the chatter to find Tim at the breakfast table, already writing his name in golden syrup on his porridge and mum warming my shirt by the oven. I had just begun my own signature when I remembered my night time visitor. Mum stood behind me, busy at the cooker.

“Last night when I was going to sleep I saw a lady who said she was my sister.” I took a mouthful. “She wasn’t like the others. She looked like an angel. Her name was Patricia.”

Tim, who had been disinterested in my story up to now, was suddenly looking over my shoulder at the back of our mother’s head, spoon poised. I turned in my seat. Her shoulders were shaking. Surely she wasn’t crying? Mum was a strong woman. She had to be. Life had not been easy for her. The death of her own mother saw her running the family home, looking after her dad and siblings at age fourteen. My own father had led her a dance, spending more time and money in the pub than on the family. She was rock solid no matter what, but now I had upset her and the foundations were unexpectedly crumbling around us. She took a tea towel from the counter, sank into her chair by the fire and sobbed like her heart would break.

Tears began to well in me too. We finished our breakfast in silence. Tim was wide eyed as he passed my balaclava. We shouted our awkward goodbyes and began the walk to school. My steps were heavy and my mind elsewhere. I didn’t realise how much my seeing people upset Mum. Was she really so worried? Something I said had made her really sad. I couldn’t bear it.

I suppose you would call us latch key kids. When we let ourselves in that night after school Tim took the task of peeling the potatoes while I consulted the note on the table to receive my directions.

‘Peel the potatoes and put them on to boil. Put the sausages in the oven – Gas 5. Will be home around 6.   Mam.’

I lit the oven before collaborating with my big brother. It seemed that he was as confused as I was at our mother’s reaction. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of reception I would get when she got home. Would she still be sad? Angry? Maybe she had forgotten all about it. We decided to lay the table and hope for the latter.

Just after six she came home looking shattered. Throwing off her head scarf and coat, she checked the cooker before calling us to the kitchen table.

“I need to tell you something Boys.” She spoke slowly without interruption. “Before you were born I had a baby girl. My first born, but she was born dead. They call it ‘still born’. She was beautiful!” Now the tears came, but this time with some control. I guessed she had probably been crying all day.

“I held her for half an hour before they took her away. We had a little ceremony in the hospital.” She looked at me, “We named her Patricia.”

The beautiful lady was my sister after all. She had been telling the truth. Patricia had died as a baby and grown in the spirit world. No wonder she looked so angelic. She never spent a day on earth. Babies who are still born, miscarried or aborted pass over without committing any earthly sin.  When we are born we all begin with a clean slate. In time we are presented with worldly situations that stir emotions in us such as jealousy, greed and anger. Life presents us with test after test, but not for Patricia.




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The purpose of us living on earth is to learn, develop, understand and experience. This is how we ultimately progress spiritually.

This world is our training ground and your life here is like a day at school. You learn and hopefully try your best and when the bell goes at the end of the day it is good to go home.

Just as you cannot learn all your lessons in one school day, you cannot absorb everything you need to understand in just one lifetime. This is why we have many lives on earth.

Each of us were in the spirit world before we were born where, for most of us we reached a point of realisation that there are lessons  we cannot truly accept without experience. consequently we may elect to have another life in a predetermined set of circumstances that will give us the opportunity to learn the lessons we need in order to progress.

If, for example you were born into a privileged position, you may struggle to realise just what it is like to know poverty. Then you will be born into a situation where you are hungry and struggling to survive. When you look and the wealthy who pass you by without a thought, you will understand how unjust this is, and when you pass over a valuable lesson will have been learned.

Needless to say, in your reincarnations you will always be human, and you may spend hundreds of years in the spirit world between incarnations. Because of this you need not fear that your loved ones who passed on before you will not be there to greet you when the bell goes for you.

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Psychic Development

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From an early age it was clear to the people around me that I was different from other children.  For as long as I can remember I have heard and seen things that most others cannot.

People who are psychic are extra sensitive and perceptive to spiritual influences. As a medium I am simply someone whom those in the spirit world communicate with. Please note that they choose to contact me. I am not able to call anyone up.

Psychic gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentinence, spiritual healing, psychometry, trance mediumship and transfiguration. A medium may possess any or all of these abilities.

Clairvoyance is the psychic gift of seeing beyond normal sight. This can be objective (with the eyes) or subjective (a picture in the mind).

Clairaudience is the gift of hearing. This too can be subjective or objective. This can be experienced alone or in conjunction with clairvoyance. Doris Stokes, for example, was a Clairaudient. She heard but very rarely saw spirit.

Some mediums are clairsentinent. That is to say that they cannot see or hear spirit, but they feel their presence.

Spiritual healing is not to be confused with faith healing. Spiritual healing can take place even if the recipient has no faith or is unaware of it. The healing power comes from God and the medium is used as a channel through which the power flows. it can be used hands on or directed to a person absently.

Psychometry is the ability to pick up information by holding an item and trance mediumship is a rarer gift whereby someone in spirit can use my body to speak through whilst I am in a trance state. With transfiguration the psychic energy is used to change my face rather than for the person to speak.

One or more of these psychic gifts lies dormant in everyone. with professional guidance and a true desire to help others you can develop your own psychic awareness.

The correct way to do this is to join a psychic development circle which is run by a competent and experienced medium who is able to recognise any danger signs and take control of events. The circle may be referred to as a seance or sitting. Before embarking on this you should be aware that it must be a real commitment. Psychic development cannot be rushed and can take many years of regular sitting, but it is worth the wait.

Circles can be held at any time of day but best results seem to come from sitting in the evening. This may be because the night brings a certain stillness and tranquillity which is favourable to success. Low lighting and perhaps some quiet, relaxing music are also helpful.

It should be said that psychic development is not the same as spiritual progression, although ideally the two should go hand in hand.

I always open and close all my circle with a prayer, giving thanks, offering service and asking for protection. There is nothing whatsoever to fear.

Your Higher Self

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Most people can grasp the concept that we are made up of a physical body and a spirit.

Just as the body has the brain – a physical organ that will one day be burned or buried with the rest of it – your spirit houses your mind.  The mind is part of your spirit or ‘true self’.

Hence the mind and the brain are not the same. This is a common confusion. Your brain can be ill and it will decay along with the body. Your mind and your spirit are immortal. They have always been and will always be.

Throughout your life, everything you experience is registered in your brain.  Information from the brain is then transferred to your mind via the force which joins your spirit to your body. This is widely referred to as the ‘silver cord’.

The information stored by your mind may be right or may be wrong. You decide for yourself which information to accept as truth and what to reject as untruth.  The rejected information sinks to the depths of your mind as you do not expect this to be useful. The information kept to the forefront of your mind is what you consider to be goodness and truth – things you expect to be useful to yourself and whoever you decide to share this with. To accept or reject the wrong information can be disastrous!

Throughout the existence of our spirit we may inhabit many bodies over many centuries. In each life it is usual to only use a small section of the mind. The whole mind is what I call your ‘higher self’. It contains to total of all our experiences in all the lives on earth and time in spirit in between. The entirety of this personal hard drive is not normally accessible until we pass over to spirit, but it is possible to earn to tap into this knowledge and draw from it.

You may find yourself in a difficult situation that you don’t know how to cope with.  Suddenly you understand and know what to do. The knowledge just comes to you out of the blue. You may have experienced this in a previous life and the information travels down the silver cord to your brain when needed. With practice and patience you can learn to tap into your higher self on demand.

The Meaning of Life

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What is the meaning of life? Surely this is the greatest question of all time.

Life is a continuous circle. We are in the spirit world, we have a life on earth and then we pass back to spirit. There is no death, only different levels of life. This life on earth is a very important part of the cycle and it is very precious. God gives us each this life for a purpose. We must show we are worthy of the gift.

Our earthly life is like a day at school. We have many lessons to learn and experiences to go through. We are here to learn, understand, experience and contribute. Everyone is special and has their own part to play.

When we were born the most precious gift God gave us was our own free will. We do what we choose to do, not what we are made to do. God wants us all to serve Him and to live good lives, but He wants us to choose this path for ourselves. Throughout our life there are always many different pathways which we may take and the decision is ours.

Two voices whisper to us throughout. When you are faced with a decision, “Shall I visit the old lady next door?”, one thought coming into your head will tell you to do it – Check that she is ok, she probably hasn’t seen a soul today. The other will make you think of yourself. You have had a hard day. You deserve some time to yourself.  She probably doesn’t want to be disturbed anyway.  They say the devil comes in the guise of your best friend and this is very true. His fake concern convinces you to think of yourself and you do what he wants without even recognising him. Quite often the right thing to do is the hardest of the two. Keep your wits about you and make your choices well.

There is a way in which we can make life easier for ourselves. This is by making life easier for other people. It is so simple. Try it. I guarantee that your own life will be happier when you make others happy. It is one of God’s natural laws.

We are renting our space here on God’s earth. The way we pay our rent is by contributing to other people. The world needs to be a better place because we were in it and played our part. So many people today are missing the point. They are focusing on accumulating wealth, big houses, nice cars, fat bank balances. You cannot take these things with you. They spend a lifetime preoccupied with worthless tat and miss the point of life completely. The more you have the less you are.  You are here to learn and to make a difference.

Dreams and their Meanings

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Dreams and their meanings have puzzled and intrigued man from the beginning of time.

They fall into three categories. Some dreams are products of your subconscious mind, some are symbolic messages or warnings from those in the spirit world and some are as a result of astral travelling.

Dreams which involve meeting and speaking to someone who has passed over can be due to astral travelling, in which you may meet up with a loved one whilst in sleep state. At times the feeling of deja-vu can be caused by visiting a place you have already been to in your ‘dreams’. Your spirit leaves your body and can travel in this world or the next, still attached to your body by a silver cord.

Whilst in the spirit world, people there are able to communicate with you. They may give you information, knowledge, warnings or advice. This information is then relayed along the silver cord, back to your brain, which receives it in picture form, rather like a TV, and so your dreams are formed. You must then interpret the meanings of these pictures to fully understand their meaning, which is often symbolic.

Recurring dreams can be quite common. If you have not realised the meaning of your dream you may be given it again and again until you interpret it successfully.

Although we dream every night, we forget far more dreams than we remember.We soak up the knowledge given to us whilst asleep rather like a sponge. When our spirit returns to our physical body however, our finite brain squeezes the sponge and much of what we learned is lost. The tiny drops of spiritual knowledge which remain are very precious and we should treasure rather than dismiss them.

What happens when you die

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There is nothing to fear in the act of dying. It is the most natural process in the world. It is as simple as passing from one room to the next.

When you die, as we all one day will, your spirit leaves your earthly body to begin an exciting new life in the spirit world. Friends and family who have passed before you may come to greet you. Your spirit is joined to your earthly body by a glowing rope like thread which we may call the ‘silver cord’ and upon death this cord breaks, in a similar way to how the physical umbilical cord breaks when we are born. The beginning and the end of this earthly life are both marked by the cutting of a cord.

At times during your life your spirit may leave your body but remain attached by the silver cord. This occurs if you are astral travelling, perhaps in a dream, or if you have a near death experience in which you are resuscitated. You may have heard stories of people who have seen a bright light, perhaps travelled down a tunnel and met family and friends from the spirit world. True death however does not occur until the cord breaks.  Once this happens it is not possible to be ‘brought back to life’.

Modern society has developed wonderful and invaluable life supporting machines. They can inflate the lungs and keep the heart beating, but once the spirit has left and the cord is severed, the body is just an empty shell. The person is no longer there but has moved on. Doctors may call this brain stem death and the machine may just as well be turned off.

The condition of the pclairaudienthysical body or the way in which we die can affect our mental attitude upon passing.

For example, the elderly gentleman who has led a good life may slip in and out of his body frequently, still joined by the silver cord, over a period of time. His spirit may visit friends or relatives in the spirit word who come close to him to assist him with his own transition. He may fall in and out of sleep, reporting when he wakes that he has seen family members. With each visit the cord becomes thinner until at last it breaks and he passes to spirit himself.

In contrast, a young man may be taken suddenly, perhaps as the result of a tragic accident. The silver cord is instantly cut and it is not unusual for the person to not immediately realise what has happened. He may get up and think he has had a miraculous escape. He may talk to those around him and wonder why they don’t hear him. In these cases the young man would be helped by those in spirit and over time would come to understand and accept his situation.

When a person dies as the result of a long illness, they can find themselves in a ‘spirit hospital’ where they slowly recover and are helped to adjust to their new situation in familiar surroundings.

People with no spiritual knowledge or understanding can be very confused when they pass. For someone who believes that death is the end to ‘wake up dead’ is quite a shock.

When you leave your earthly body behind you no longer feel the strain of carrying it’s weight with you and any disabilities you had disappear. Spirit helpers analyse your life with you and help you to understand what you did wrong and how your thoughts and actions affected other people. At this point your new home in spirit is determined and you will go to where you are among others who are at the same level of spirituality as yourself. There you will continue to learn.

Remember, when the caterpillar thinks it is the end of the world, the master knows it is turning into a butterfly.

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