Month: July 2021

The bricks and balloons of trying to live a spiritual life; Part 1

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Symbolically, when you do the right thing, you get balloons to spiritually raise you up, but do the wrong thing and you will be given bricks to weigh you down. Balloons will lift you towards heaven, bricks drag you down to the pits.

You must believe in God the Father Almighty who is all-knowing, and recognise his unchanging natural laws. Pray to Him at least three times daily. To pray is simply to talk to God. Ask for help, strength, guidance, protection and the drive to do His will. Reject the devil and all that he stands for.

Be aware of influences around you.

Some influences are of little importance, while others hold major significance and can have a tremendous affect on your life. We are constantly bombarded with TV and other forms of advertising, where companies try to convince us to buy their products. People around us also try to convince us to do this or that, but the most serious, life changing form of influence comes from God and His ministering Angels, and from the devil and his demons.

Be aware! As God is trying to influence us to do the right thing, so the sly and crafty devil will try to throw us off-track. Be on your guard, as both God and the devil try to put ideas in your head. Both are very strong influences, but neither will make you do anything. By the grace of God you have your own free will to do what you want to do; to follow who you wish.

Personal responsibility.

You are personally responsible for everything you do and everything you say. Put your brain in gear before you do or say anything.

When you pass over to spirit, your whole life is analysed by those on the high spirit realms, including your own designated spirit guide. You will be asked, “Why did you do this?” and “Why did you say that?” It is like watching a film of your life being played back to you.

Please digest the next paragraph very carefully. It will be invaluable to you when the time comes.

When you are asked to explain why you said and did certain things, please DO NOT SAY that you did so because someone told you it was the right thing to do. You cannot pass blame for what you did onto someone else. If you try, you will immediately feel yourself being dragged down and down.

When you are asked why you said something, you cannot reply with, “What I meant to say was…” Words are very important. Formulate your words carefully before you speak. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

It is fine to listen to advice from people. Then you can decide to accept or reject it, but remember that the decision is yours alone. It is your responsibility alone.

From time to time you may be asked for your advice. This is a massive responsibility. You must be very careful what you say, as your words hold influence and will give you bricks or balloons. I will say more in Part 2.


Understand and Develop your Psychic Ability: Part 2

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Our physical senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch, each have their spiritual counterpart. When we leave our body behind and pass to the spirit world, these psychic senses are utilised to experience our surroundings, but we can learn to use them while we are on the earth. This is called psychic development.

Being psychic is simply having the ability to use your spiritual senses while overriding your physical surroundings. This is a challenge. When you catch sight of someone in spirit out of the corner of your eye, you instinctively turn and focus your eyes. This is the worst thing you can do. You are not seeing them with your earthly eyes, and staring will make the vision disappear. Similarly, if you hear a voice then strain to hear more, the message will not develop. You are focusing on your physical, rather than your spiritual senses.

Next time you see or hear something, try to relax. The state of mind to aim for is similar to daydreaming. That state between waking and sleep is when you will be most receptive. Don’t look directly at the vision, but view it in your periphery. This takes some practice.

When you receive information from spirit; a message or an image, acknowledge what you experience. If you say (out loud or to yourself), “I can see a lady in the corner”, then Spirit will know they have got through, and they will give you a little bit more; perhaps a more detailed image or the lady’s name.

Don’t forget to say a prayer before you meditate. Elevate your state of mind, offer your service and ask for protection. Psychic ability should only be developed for the purpose of helping others.