Month: March 2021

Talk to Yourself

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It is more important than you realise to have a positive outlook on life. This will produce positive results, whereas negative thoughts produce negative results.

If you say, ‘I can do this,’ or, ‘I can’t do this,’ either way you are probably right.

Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself. It is a good thing, but be careful what you say. When you talk to yourself, you are connecting with your Higher Self. You will receive answers to the questions you ask. If you say, ‘Why am I so disorganised?’ then throughout the day you will receive answers as to why you are disorganised, and by the end of the day you will feel wretched. Instead, ask the question, ‘How can I make myself more organised?’ Then all day long, thoughts and ideas will come to you, as to how you can better your organisational skills. Put these into practice and you will soon become a highly organised person.

Have you ever walked into a room, only to discover you have forgotten what you went in for? It happens to all of us. If, upon entering, you say, ‘I can’t recall what I came in here for.’ then you won’t remember, but if you say, ‘What did I come in here for?” the answer will come to you.

Whatever situation or challenge you are faced with, say, “I can and I will.” not, ‘I can’t do this.’ Always be positive and confident. It will improve your life.