Month: February 2021

Personal Responsibility for Your Earthly Life

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When you pass over to spirit, your whole life his analysed; everything you ever said and all you have done. You will also be shown how the things you said and did affected other people.

Symbolically, all your good, unselfish deed that helped others, will give you a balloon to to help you rise up and progress spiritually, but every selfish of thoughtless deed will give you a brick that will drag you down. Most deeds, good or bad, are easily identified as such, but others may not be so clear.

As your life on earth is being analysed, you will feel yourself, at times, moving upwards, and at other periods of your life, going down. You will be shown scenes from your life, and you will be asked, “Why did you do that?” or “Why did you say that?” You will be required to explain yourself. If you reply, “Because she told me to do it,” you will get bricks.

When you are asked, remember two very important words. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You are responsible for all your actions. You can’t blame anyone else for what you did. Each time you do not accept personal responsibility by trying to to shift blame onto someone else, bricks will weigh you down.

When you are the one giving the advice, you must be very careful. Never tell anyone what to do.

For example;

You have a neighbour, Anna; a young single mum with a three year old boy. She is chatting to you one day, and tells you she has the opportunity to go away on a two day course that could help her get back to work, but she is unsure if it is possible to attend.

You say, “Right, you must go. I’ll look after the little one so you have no excuse. You must go on this course.” This will give you nothing but bricks. You have decided what she should do. It may puzzle you, because you thought you were being helpful, but what if this is the wrong thing for her to do? Then you have persuaded her to do the wrong thing, and you will share in her bricks. You should have said, “Have a think about it, and if you decide you want to go on the course, I will help you with childcare.”

There is a big difference. Anna decides for herself what she is going to do, and you are offering help if she would like it.

At times, it may be better to keep your advice or opinion to yourself. Here is another example;

The son of a friend tells you he is thinking of joining the army. You say, “Oh no. Don’t do that. You could get hurt.” The young man reflects on your words and decides against it. Because of your words, he drifts from one dead-end job to another, before experimenting with drugs and turning to crime. He didn’t ask for your advice, but you gave it anyway. His life is a disaster because of you.

Words are very important. Learn when to speak and when to stay silent. Do not feel the need to blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind. Do not believe that your opinion is important. Do not be afraid to say, “I don’t know.” Better to stay silent than talk nonsense.