Month: December 2019

The Psychic’s Wife; Lifting the Veil

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My wife, Jane Drew, is writing a book about what life is like being married to a Psychic Medium.

For those awaiting its arrival, here is a taster of things to come.


Books about psychics, like fleas on dogs, are indisputably plentiful, but that does not mean it is easy to find one you would want to take home with you. The Mind-Body-Spirit section of any reputable book store is sure to have more than a few on its shelves, but have you ever stopped to think about what life is like for those who share their lives with a psychic medium? What do you imagine your life would be like if your spouse was in regular contact with dead people, and knew perhaps just a little more about your day than you were comfortable with? It is a little documented viewpoint, making this fly-on-the-wall insight is a real third-eye opener.

My husband, David Drew, is one of those mediums whose books you may have perused. As the wife of an internationally renowned medium and author, I have spent many a long hour making cappuccinos for, chatting to and answering the questions of, an eclectic selection of eager eyed personalities, all waiting to see my exhausted, caffeine fuelled other-half. This regular cacophony of (often very similar) questions, led me to realise that living with a psychic, while unremarkable to me, is a source of fascination to ‘normal’ people.


From, “Does he tell you your future?”, “Can he sense what you are thinking?” and “Does he see dead people all the time?”, to “Aren’t you scared?” and, “Are ghosts watching me when I’m on the toilet?”, over the years the questions have been playing on a loop.

My favourite question was, ‘Is he any good?’ It always made me smile. It put me in mind of that other famous inquiry to which there is no correct response, – ‘Hands up if you have stopped beating your wife!’ When I reply that he is the best medium living today, I am greeted with a smirking, “Ah, but you would say that,” leaving me to wonder what response they were expecting. I am often tempted to tell them he is crap, just to watch their faces, but I doubt people would have appreciated, or indeed deserve the sarcasm. I confess, my reply is often preceded by an inadvertent eye roll, which is probably more than a little unfair.

So here it is, the first-hand perspective on the life of a psychic medium, as viewed by his wife, who is happy to be almost as invisible as the spirits which surround him. You may have heard the saying, ‘love me, love my dog,’ – with David it has always been more of a, ‘love me, love my spooks’ situation.

Princess Diana once famously said, “There were three of us in this marriage”. I can tell you now without a flicker of fancy, there are a darn site more than three in ours!