Month: November 2016

Freezing your corpse -A view from spirit

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img_2327There has been much in the news of late concerning a fourteen year old cancer victim and her wishes that her body be ‘cryo-preserved’ after death, hoping that doctors would one day find a cure and bring her back to life.

I am saddened that people view this life as all there is, and would take such desperate action to cling on to it. There is so much more to come, and in any case, when you understand what happens when you die you will see that this horrific procedure could never work.

The act of dying is as simple as passing between rooms. The spirit leaves the body to begin an exciting new life in another dimension. The spirit, or soul, and the body are joined by a silver cord, rather like a rope of silvery blue light. When we die this cord breaks and our life on earth ends, just as the umbilical cord breaks when it begins. You may have heard of near death experiences, people looking down at their operation from the ceiling perhaps. In these cases the spirit leaves the body but the cord does not break, allowing it’s safe return. Once the cord has been severed, there is no way that soul can return to the body and live on earth.

No matter how well preserved the corpse is, the spirit can never re-enter. And why would we want to?