Month: January 2014


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The purpose of us living on earth is to learn, develop, understand and experience. This is how we ultimately progress spiritually.

This world is our training ground and your life here is like a day at school. You learn and hopefully try your best and when the bell goes at the end of the day it is good to go home.

Just as you cannot learn all your lessons in one school day, you cannot absorb everything you need to understand in just one lifetime. This is why we have many lives on earth.

Each of us were in the spirit world before we were born where, for most of us we reached a point of realisation that there are lessons  we cannot truly accept without experience. consequently we may elect to have another life in a predetermined set of circumstances that will give us the opportunity to learn the lessons we need in order to progress.

If, for example you were born into a privileged position, you may struggle to realise just what it is like to know poverty. Then you will be born into a situation where you are hungry and struggling to survive. When you look and the wealthy who pass you by without a thought, you will understand how unjust this is, and when you pass over a valuable lesson will have been learned.

Needless to say, in your reincarnations you will always be human, and you may spend hundreds of years in the spirit world between incarnations. Because of this you need not fear that your loved ones who passed on before you will not be there to greet you when the bell goes for you.

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