Month: August 2013

Your Higher Self

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Most people can grasp the concept that we are made up of a physical body and a spirit.

Just as the body has the brain – a physical organ that will one day be burned or buried with the rest of it – your spirit houses your mind.  The mind is part of your spirit or ‘true self’.

Hence the mind and the brain are not the same. This is a common confusion. Your brain can be ill and it will decay along with the body. Your mind and your spirit are immortal. They have always been and will always be.

Throughout your life, everything you experience is registered in your brain.  Information from the brain is then transferred to your mind via the force which joins your spirit to your body. This is widely referred to as the ‘silver cord’.

The information stored by your mind may be right or may be wrong. You decide for yourself which information to accept as truth and what to reject as untruth.  The rejected information sinks to the depths of your mind as you do not expect this to be useful. The information kept to the forefront of your mind is what you consider to be goodness and truth – things you expect to be useful to yourself and whoever you decide to share this with. To accept or reject the wrong information can be disastrous!

Throughout the existence of our spirit we may inhabit many bodies over many centuries. In each life it is usual to only use a small section of the mind. The whole mind is what I call your ‘higher self’. It contains to total of all our experiences in all the lives on earth and time in spirit in between. The entirety of this personal hard drive is not normally accessible until we pass over to spirit, but it is possible to earn to tap into this knowledge and draw from it.

You may find yourself in a difficult situation that you don’t know how to cope with.  Suddenly you understand and know what to do. The knowledge just comes to you out of the blue. You may have experienced this in a previous life and the information travels down the silver cord to your brain when needed. With practice and patience you can learn to tap into your higher self on demand.

The Meaning of Life

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What is the meaning of life? Surely this is the greatest question of all time.

Life is a continuous circle. We are in the spirit world, we have a life on earth and then we pass back to spirit. There is no death, only different levels of life. This life on earth is a very important part of the cycle and it is very precious. God gives us each this life for a purpose. We must show we are worthy of the gift.

Our earthly life is like a day at school. We have many lessons to learn and experiences to go through. We are here to learn, understand, experience and contribute. Everyone is special and has their own part to play.

When we were born the most precious gift God gave us was our own free will. We do what we choose to do, not what we are made to do. God wants us all to serve Him and to live good lives, but He wants us to choose this path for ourselves. Throughout our life there are always many different pathways which we may take and the decision is ours.

Two voices whisper to us throughout. When you are faced with a decision, “Shall I visit the old lady next door?”, one thought coming into your head will tell you to do it – Check that she is ok, she probably hasn’t seen a soul today. The other will make you think of yourself. You have had a hard day. You deserve some time to yourself.  She probably doesn’t want to be disturbed anyway.  They say the devil comes in the guise of your best friend and this is very true. His fake concern convinces you to think of yourself and you do what he wants without even recognising him. Quite often the right thing to do is the hardest of the two. Keep your wits about you and make your choices well.

There is a way in which we can make life easier for ourselves. This is by making life easier for other people. It is so simple. Try it. I guarantee that your own life will be happier when you make others happy. It is one of God’s natural laws.

We are renting our space here on God’s earth. The way we pay our rent is by contributing to other people. The world needs to be a better place because we were in it and played our part. So many people today are missing the point. They are focusing on accumulating wealth, big houses, nice cars, fat bank balances. You cannot take these things with you. They spend a lifetime preoccupied with worthless tat and miss the point of life completely. The more you have the less you are.  You are here to learn and to make a difference.